Whooty World is the OFFICIAL home of white girls with a booty.

The term "whooty" is defined as a white girl with a nice large butt, also known as a PAWG (phat-ass white girl). It is unknown when the slang word was first coined many years ago; the word "whooty" became mainstream with the release of a rap song by E-Dubb in 2008.

Our mission is to find the nicest, hottest, and sexiest whooty. Our "assperts" (ass experts) have searched the world looking for the best ass on white women. Butts come in all different shapes and sizes, and we want to showcase every one; from thin/average girls to white trash girls to big beautiful women (BBW). We know everyone has different tastes, so we made the decision to include every type of butt. We added a rating system; it is up to YOU to help decide the best whooty, not to mention the worst ass on a white girl.

We understand that white women aren't the only ones with nice butts. Over time, we have added new categories and coined new terms:

Asooty - Asians with a booty
Looty - Latinas with a booty

We have also created a special category for one of our other favorite body parts:

Whoobies - White girls with boobies

More to come. Enjoy!